Understanding Casino Deposit Bonuses

New players in US online casinos are typically welcomed with a special welcome bonus. This unique bonus usually has two parts – a deposit bonus, plus free spins. Of course, each US casino decides what it offers for your sign up on its own, but a deposit bonus is almost a given.

But, how do you use it and what does this bonus represent? We’ll unlock all its mysteries below, so continue reading our guide to learn more about the best deposit bonus offers in US casinos in 2022.

What’s a Deposit Bonus in Online Casinos?

As the name explains, a deposit bonus is extra money you get when you register and make a deposit in a casino. It’s not just a welcome bonus. Casinos give out deposit bonuses later too, allowing you to score a bit of extra cash every time you fund your account.

So, what’s the catch? Well, a deposit bonus is not free. Unlike the no deposit bonus, this one requires you to make a deposit. You get extra money on top of what you funded your casino account with. For example, a welcome bonus usually covers 100% of your initial deposit. That means it’s doubling the initial money you fund your account with. Every casino decides on the size on its own, so a deposit bonus can be more, or less, than 100%.

In most cases, a welcome deposit bonus covers 100% of your first deposit. The other bonuses will be smaller if it’s spread across a few of your first deposits.

How do Casino Deposit Bonuses Work?

A casino deposit bonus covers part of the money you deposit. If it covers 100%, then you’re getting double the money you’re funding your account with. You’ll get even more if it covers 200% or 300%. You catch the drift, right? While it’s great to get a boost on your deposit, it doesn’t come for free. Nothing is ever free in casinos.

To make the money work, you must stick to a set of rules. While you can win real money with a casino deposit bonus, you won’t be able to claim your winnings unless you wager it several times. The fine print is certainly hard and boring to read, but unless you stick to the rules, you can kiss your extra money and winnings goodbye.

Important Deposit Bonus Terms

Deposit bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. You’re almost certain to get one when you sign up and later as you continue to deposit and play. As mentioned earlier, you must spend the extra money under certain conditions. Those include wagering requirements and a set of games you can spend the bonus on, slots being the usual culprit.

Below you can see some of the most important terms you’ll find under a deposit bonus terms and conditions.

  • Minimum qualifying deposit: no deposit bonus is available for a dollar or two. The common qualifying deposit or minimum deposit ranges from $5 or more. Most US casinos will keep it at $10 or $20. That means you will only get the bonus if you deposit that much. For example, a 100% deposit bonus on a deposit of $10 doubles your money to play with at $20. If you don’t cover the minimum deposit, you won’t get the bonus. It’s that simple.
  • Wagering conditions: to clear any winnings you might have won with a deposit bonus, you will have to wager it a certain number of times. For example, most casinos keep the wagering to 30x or so. A deposit bonus of $20 wagered 30 times accounts for $600 spent to keep your winnings. If you don’t clear the wagering, you don’t get your winnings.
  • Time to complete wagering: clearing the wagering requirements must be done in a certain timeframe. For example, a month. Of course, it can be over or under that timeframe. You will lose your bonus funds if you don’t clear the wagering on time.
  • Bet size: each bet you place with the deposit bonus will be capped. In most cases, it’ll be set at $5. This means that each of your deposit bonus bets must be $5 or larger. It won’t count toward the wagering should you bet lower on an eligible game.
  • Eligible games: the list of eligible games for deposit bonuses typically only includes slots. In short, on slots, 100% of your bets (covering the bet size) will count. By default, most US online casinos don’t include other games in the wagering, or keep them at 10% or 20% contribution.
  • Win caps: just because you have extra money to burn doesn’t mean you can win millions. Some casino sites will put a cap on your wins, so you can only win a certain amount. They will also exclude progressive jackpots from the equation so you don’t hit incredible wins.

How to Find the Best Deposit Casino Bonus

Not all casino bonuses are the same – that should be clear the moment you compare a few offers. Because of that, not each one of them will be suitable for all players. If you want our recommendation, getting the biggest deposit bonus is not always the best idea. Find one that gives you solid bonus cash and reasonable wagering requirements. There’s no point in wagering a $500 bonus 50 times – it’s too much money to wager and most players won’t be able to complete it.

Instead, go for a deposit bonus with proper value. The wagering should be set somewhere in the range of 10x. A bonus worth $50 or $100 can be wagered ten times easily in a month if you’re a serious player. Of course, always ensure to read the terms to see if the deposit bonus is truly worth claiming.

Casino Deposit Bonus Codes

Some US casinos will require you to use bonus codes to redeem offers. Which shouldn’t be too complicated. You can simply copy-paste the code when prompted and claim your bonus. The promo codes are usually clearly written on the bonus banner, so it’s hard to miss them.

Plus, most platforms will outline the box where you must enter the bonus code. In that case, your deposit bonus is just a copy-paste away.

Are Deposit Bonus Offers Worth It?

To answer this question quickly, yes, but only if the terms are fair. Many casinos these days keep deposit bonus terms unfair, meaning high wagering requirements and big bet size caps. Always read the terms of any casino bonus you claim, including these deposit boosts. If everything looks fine and you’re playing in a reputable casino, you should get your deposit bonus.


Is it easy to claim a casino deposit bonus?

Yes, deposit bonuses are easy to claim. In most casinos, the bonus funds will be awarded to your account immediately after you make the deposit.

Are deposit bonuses free?

No, they’re not. It’s called a deposit bonus for a reason. You have to make a deposit to claim it. On top of that, you must wager the bonus a certain number of times before you get your winnings.

Will I get free spins as part of a deposit bonus?

It depends on the casino. Most US casino sites offer free spins in addition to a deposit bonus as part of a welcome package. But, you may even get free spins on a deposit bonus that’s not a welcome offer.

Which US casino sites have the best deposit bonus?

Feel free to check out all the casino sites on our list and find the best deposit bonuses. What works for you may not work for other players, so find the offer that suits you most.

How big are deposit bonuses on average?

Most welcome deposit bonuses will cover 100% of your first deposit. Further deposit bonuses may cover more or less of that number.

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